Sunday, August 14, 2011

For the Kids!

My trip to the grocery store highlighted yet another inconsistancy in the education system and the hold that corperate america has on our children. Don't tune me out just yet. Nathan's school is having a "box tops for education" contest. The class with the most box tops wins a party or something like that. The food we usually buy is not imprinted with this magical seal of approval and so is utterly useless to my son. Now, the food we usually buy is organic, unprocessed and has no added anything. Useless? I'm sorry the fresh organic produce we buy is doing so little for your social status. Though my frustration is not pointed at him. I'm pointing to you, Brownsville Elementary. During his first year at your school you preached nutrition so much to him that he thinks anything with a gram of fat is going to kill him. He checks nutrition labels on everything. While I am glad he does, it's almost an obsession. So in complete contrast to your teaching nutrition, you are bribing our kids to beg their parents for the following (if you could call them this) foods: Lucky Charms, Cocoa Puffs, Hamburger Helper, GoGurt, Trix yogurt, Gushers, and the rest of the candy (fruit) snacks. These are obviously not all of the products but you get the idea. I guarantee that not one nutritionist would recommend feeding any of the above products to our children. As if commercials and constant advertising wasn't enough to have to fight, now I have to fight the promise of a pizza party. I have again been made to be the villain because I am trying to do what is right for my children while other factors seem to be going against my efforts. Get off my kids, Betty Crocker!


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